About Us

Your hosts David and Nuala MarshallDavid and Nuala are fourth generation New Zealanders and have called Ahu Ahu Road home for almost 30 years.

Situated in the lee of Mount Taranaki with its sub tropical climate and proximity to the sea it has been the great  place to fish, surf, garden and enjoy life raising their three children Jessica, Alana and Seth.

For a number of years David and Nuala worked their land in conjunction with a wholefood business established by David in New Plymouth. Ahu Ahu Beach Villas were born after the enjoyment gained from meeting visitors to the area on the beach and inviting them into their home.

David is local by birth and when not traveling has spent his life under the mountain enjoying the rivers and the sea. He has established and run a thriving whole foods business, been a farmer, builder and of late marketer and maintenance man.  David’s interests include people, travel, fishing, surfing, singing, tennis, beach walks, cooking, catching and growing food!

Nuala is happiest with a latte or wine in the company of family or friends. A high light last year was a seven week trip to the USA and Europe. The high light this year was launching the boat off the beach and seeing dolphins and catching Tuna all within an hour as David promised!! Part time nursing, skiing, tramping, beach walking, and looking after family and the Villa guests keep life full and exciting.